CCT Jrs Tour

CCT Juniors Tour



Our goal in doing this is to get more bullriders to attend and travel to these great JR events. We wish we could allow all of you to ride at each CCT event all year, but our entries are limited to 6 at each Tour Stop.

By going to these great events outside of our event your scores will count and here is how:

  1. Annual (1x) Program Fee: $25.00 - must be paid to CCT before any scores will be counted.
  2. For your rides to count, you will need to have a copy of the judge’s sheets emailed to [email protected] by the Monday after the event is completed. (No Exceptions)
  3. Bullriders you have to compete at the level you ride at the CCT. If you’re a JR bullrider and you get on steers at a non-CCT event, those rides/points will not count. Only the level you compete at on the CCT events will count.
  4. At each non-CCT Event, you are awarded 5pts at each event you enter if you buck off, not if you ride and get a score. For example, you are 75 pts at the event 75pts count for the standings. If you enter and have paid the onetime $25.00 fee and you buck off at an event you will receive 5pts towards your standings.
  5. Event Entries are taken by contact Jason Mattox. He will communnicate if you are entered into a specific event. Please do not assume you are entered unless you hear from Jason.

Fees Can Be Paid At:


Upon proof of payment, you will be eligible to count all scores from that date forward.

Jason Mattox


[email protected]


Please contact Jason Mattox for entries information and to become a part of something that is going to change the future of our sport!

Jason Mattox