Mission & Vision

Mission: “To Preserve the Western Heritage & Present Professional Events.”

Vision: “We envision offering fun, yet educational opportunities to families, community members, youth, and more that focuses on traditional bullriding and the cowboy way. We strive to keep the tradition of bullriding alive through offering an avenue for junior bullriders to perform in a safe environment, surrounded by tenured professionals. We aim to bring families together for shared experiences by ensuring our events are family friendly, while entertaining regardless of age. Last, we continuously work to provide a great return on investment to our sponsors, and the communities that host our events.”

The Tour Story

Bullriding, which is intentionally climbing on the back of a 1,500-pound bull, holding on for 8 seconds, emerged from the fearless and possibly fool-hardy nature of the cowboy.

We have been producing Bullriding Events since 2009. We have grown from a hometown bullriding venue to up to an over 20 event, 7 states tour of the Western United States!

The Tour & Riders

The Tour features Professional Bullriders from around the Country including PBR Qualifiers, NFR Qualifiers, Finalists, Top Circuit Finals Qualifiers, Collegiate.

We also have Junior Bullriders, keeping the future of the sport alive while providing a professional venue for youth to develop and showcase their skills.

We bring in some of the best bulls, a balanced pen, bulls that love to buck and riders that love to ride to bring you one of the best shows in the Pacific Northwest.